Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cool Saturday at the Zine Fest

Thanks to everyone who came by the Alternative Press Holiday Book Fair in downtown Berkeley yesterday. I met lots of great artists and writers. Some of the work I enjoyed is below, and cheap copy and paste links too!

Comic book artist and writer, Sophie Yanow.
Twins Peaks button pack by Jen Oaks.
Illustration by Hannah Stouffer.
A sketch of Jen Oaks'table ( drawn at the fest! ) by Susie Cagle. www.thisiswhatconcernsme.comFungifolio, an illustrated mushroom calendar by Ramona Tompkins.
The Mighty Chintz Zine, by my neighbor and new pal, Erica. chintzine.blogspot.comAnd here's my stuff ( like you've never seen these before...)

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