Sunday, May 27, 2012

All of Us or None Exhibit Demo

I had the great honor to participate in a live screen printing demonstration at the Oakland Museum of California, as part of their All of Us or None : Social Justice Posters of the Bay Area Exhibit. The gallery is filled with 68 posters from the Bay Area and spanning a range of years. It was really great to answer questions and field conversation while I printed the keyline layer of my 2 color design in the Museum's Great Hall, and I am talking with the staff about possibly doing an upcoming Friday night event at the end of June... My print, a poster for Jean Ritchie and George Pickow's Appalachain Dulcimer shop, located near the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn ( from 1949-1965 ) will be added to my online store soon. It is the first print on my new larger press, and measures 19.5 x 24...


  1. Jeff- Sorry I missed your demonstration, am really glad you were part of the lineup and enjoyed the opportunity to do live printing in a gallery. How cool is that. Folk and bluegrass music has always had strong roots in social justice and working class culture - here's a poster I did for a long-gone cafe:

    1. Thanks! Yes the demo was a lot of fun, challenging to be so engaged in conversation as I was printing, but nice that so many people were interested in screen printing, and my imagery. Thanks for sending the poster, nice work!

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